2019 Vendor Application | Westside Community Food Market
Please review the market guidelines prior to applying to the market. Guidelines: https://spec.bc.ca/resources/Guidelines%20for%202019%20Vendors.pdf

Note that this application has 3 pages.
- The majority of questions are visible on page 1
- There are 1-2 additional questions specific to vendors based on whether they are selling food or art
- The final page is for you to confirm you agree with the market guidelines and to let us know if you have other comments

Questions: Please contact market@spec.bc.ca or 604-736-7732
General Information
What is your business name? *
The name you use to sell your products - you don't need to be an incorporated business!
What are the names of the vendors (the people) we will see at the market? *
Email *
Phone number *
Business address *
If applicable, so we can help with promotions
Social media handles for your business
If applicable, so we can help with promotions. Please add handles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or any other social media platforms you use.
About your business
Please give us a short description of your business (about 30 words or less) *
We will use this to help promote our vendors
What are you interested in selling? *
As per the guidelines, if you will be adding a new category of products later in the season you will need to check with the Market Coordinators.
What makes your business sustainable, or how are you contributing to more environmentally sustainable community food systems? *
Please note we are looking for a short answer (max 1-2 sentences)
When did you begin operating your business? *
Please respond in the following format: mm-yyyy
Do you have a storefront? Are your products sold elsewhere? *
The market
Which market dates would you like to attend? *
Please check all that apply. All markets take place on Thursdays from 3 to 7 pm
Do you have anything to add about your interest/availability?
Ex: interest in coming biweekly, willingness to rotate weeks with another vendor
Do you have a tent that you could bring to the market?
Which table set up do you anticipate needing?
Please note: in general, only produce vendors are allocated more than 1 table, and vendors of art/handcrafted products are allocated 1 card table
Clear selection
Are you a food vendor or an art vendor? *
If you are interested in both, please answer 'food vendor' to this question and ensure that you've included the art you would like to sell in the descriptions of items you plan to sell.
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