XR NYC Black Friday Whirl
Rebels will celebrate Buy Nothing Day by calling attention to the destruction of the environment & climate through extractive and wasteful production & consumption, as well as the exploitation & hazards facing factory workers worldwide.

This culture jamming action takes the form of a meditation on the ravages of excess, while envisioning the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. Whirl participants slowly push empty shopping carts silently through the store culminating in a lengthy chain of non-shoppers continually weaving and "whirling" through a maze of store aisles.

We will also be conducting spirited XR outreach outside the store and will be handing out Buy Nothing holiday gift coupons.

We will gather at 9:40 AM on 11/29, at a location near Union Square, (we'll tell you soon)

With empathy, humility and frugality, we are rebelling. We will do everything in our power to protect ourselves and all beings, our future, and all we hold dear.
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