Birth Preference Builder
This tool is designed to help you build your birth plan as you prepare for the big day.

As you proceed keep in mind that this is how you envision your birth, provided there is no medical reason. You will then get a one page summary of your answers in a .pdf that you can just print and take with you. CONGRATULATIONS in advance.

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Please rate the following and this is under the premise that there is NO MEDICAL reason, what is your preference?
Vaginal Exams
IV During Labor
Wearing a gown provided by the hospital
External Monitoring
Internal Fetal Scalp Monitoring
Artificial Rupture of Membranes (breaking your bag of waters for you)
Induction of Labor (after 41 weeks)
Induction of Labor (prior to 41 weeks)
Epidural for Labor
Narcotics for Labor
Pitocin Augmentation
Pitocin After Delivery
Urinary Catheter
Vacuum Assisted Birth
Forceps Assisted Birth
Perineal Tear
Breath holding during pushing
Delivering on your back
Counting during pushing
Cesarean Birth
What is your preference for your New Baby/Babies?
Suctioning Baby
Vigorous Rubbing (removing vernix)
Delayed Cord Clamping
Cord Blood Banking
Vitamin K injection
Eye Ointment
Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Bathing Baby
How can we best support you during your stay?(please be specific)
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How can we best support your husband/partner or other support person? (please be specific)
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What are your expectations during your labor, birth and postpartum stay?
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Do you have a Doula for your birth? If so, who? If not, would you like a referral?
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Do you plan to take a Childbirth Class? If so, with whom and when?
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Do you plan to take a Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding Class? If so, with whom and when?
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