Speak Freely Secret Santa 2016
HOW IT WORKS: You sign up and we assign a person for who you are a secret Santa this Boxing Day: you give them a present. Similarly, someone is a secret Santa for you, but you never know who. So be nice to everyone just in case :) Just kidding. Please be discreet and don't ruin other people's surprisess.

RULES: You sign up here until Dec 22 and get an e-mail on Dec 23 stating a person who you should give a present to. Bring your present to the meeting on December 26, 2016. If either of you cannot come, you can perform your duties any other time, but this will be the last meeting of the year, so you will have to meet up somewhere else. Alternatively, you could just leave it to Daria, she'll make sure your person gets it.

DEADLINES: Applications: 23:59 on Dec 22
E-mail will be sent on Dec 23
It is advisable to deliver the presents by Dec 26 (Christmas is on Dec 25, actual Boxing Day on Dec 26)
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