Wellington Climate Challenge Volunteer Application 2019
The Climate Challenge Conference is a celebration of our future leaders, innovators, and change-makers - along with their ability to shape the world around them. It aims to address the challenge of our generation, climate change, and empower high school students with skills and connections that they need to be leaders in their communities. The philosophies at the heart of our organisation are Youth for Youth Leadership, Supporting Te Ao Māori, Leadership for All, and Interactive Learning.

We would like your help to make this year's conference run extra smoothly! Our volunteers are crucial to help us deliver a successful conference, to do so we have a number of different volunteer roles. We'll try and give you your first pick of role but depending on numbers we made need to reassign you. The most important thing for our volunteers is a willingness to help and a friendly smile!

We will run a volunteer training pizza evening likely the night before the conference (17th May) so you can meet the team and we can go over your roles before the two conference days (18-19th May).
If this interests you please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

This volunteer is the point of contact for students at the conference who need emotional or physical support. This might include students who are:
- Wanting to talk about overwhelming issues from the conference content
- Wanting to talk about bullying within the conference
- Students with physical injuries made during the conference
- Most likely are students wanting a nice quiet place to sit and a friend to chat with

Ideally, they would have first aid training, and if not, basic understanding of minor first aid and will be given the contact of a volunteer with first aid training at the conference. This volunteer will always need to have the phone with the welfare number close to them and on loud ready to respond to students who need them. They should stay within close proximity to the ‘Welfare Room’ designated for students who need some time out. This role can be taken in shifts.

This volunteer works with the logistics officers to ensure the weekend runs smoothly. They may also be a welfare officer in shifts, workshop facilitators, and workshop assistants. Their role will include:
- Directing students as they move between workshops, breaks, speakers and the excursion
- Setting up and packing down
- Moving food to the break area
- Answering students questions
- Ensuring concerns and complaints are taken to the right person
- Registering students

Workshop Facilitators:
This is a volunteer who runs the workshops students take part in over the course of the weekend. They will either be:
- Running their own workshop which has been created in partnership with the local Climate Challenge Committee
- Running a workshop which the Climate Challenge committee has designed

If running a workshop designed by the Climate Challenge they will be trained on how to run these workshops by members of Generation Zero and the Climate Challenge committee about two weeks before the conference.

Workshop Assistants:
This is a volunteer who supports the running of workshops throughout the weekend. Their roles will include:
- Supporting groups of students who have questions
- Handing out material during the workshop
- Facilitating group discussions
- Dealing with conflict
- Helping set up the room and clean up afterward

This is a volunteer who will part of the media team in-charge of capturing the event through photographs and videos. Their role will include:
- Taking photos of delegates, speakers, workshops, excursions and the MP panel while in action
- Filming the event
- Utilising their own DSLR standard camera
- Having sufficient knowledge and access to editing software and being able to timely deliver finished photographs to the organising committee

They will be split up into two groups; a photography group and a videography group and be dispersed throughout the conference.

For any questions contact : wellington.climatechallenge@gmail.com

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