Jersey City Slow Streets
In an effort to create more public space for walking, biking, and outdoor exercise during the coronavirus pandemic, Jersey City has designated a number of streets as Slow Streets. These streets are closed to through traffic so that people can more comfortably use these low-traffic streets for physically distant walking, wheelchair rolling, jogging, and biking all across the City. Slow Streets will still permit local vehicular access and maintain all existing parking.

To view the streets that have been designated as Slow Streets, please visit this map:
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Please read the following statement: "The Jersey City Slow Streets pilot is supporting safe physical activity by creating more outdoor space for social distancing, By designating certain streets as being Closed to Through Traffic, people can more comfortably use these low-traffic streets for safe and socially-distant walking or wheelchair rolling, jogging, biking, etc. Residents of these streets, emergency vehicles, waste collection, and delivery vehicles can still access these streets at speeds of 10 MPH or lower, and all existing parking will still be available. The pilot program is temporary and subject to modifications." Is that how you understand the pilot?
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