Summer Reading Pre-Registration
We're so happy you are going to participate in Summer Reading!
Please fill out one form for each participant so we can begin preparing your bag.
Reading & Beading is back! This program is intended for ages 3-12. Please note that beads can be a choking hazard to young children.
We are currently updating our website (, and will soon have a detailed description of our program under the "2020 Children's Summer Reading" link.
Welcome to Summer Reading! What is your first and last name? *
How old are you?
What grade will you be going into in the Fall?
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OK, now for the fun part! Will you be logging your reading on paper or through READsquared ( (If you choose paper, you can still register with READsquared to see the different raffle prizes available and the badges you earn. We will be happy to record your minutes for you.) *
Would you like a necklace or keychain for your beads? *
Choose which Brag Tag you'd like. They're awesome! *
Great! We are still working on a schedule for Summer Reading bag pickup so it is safe and efficient for everyone. Bags will start to be available for pickup starting June 29th. Please tell us the days that are most convenient for you to pick up your bag. *
Thank you! Just one more question...How excited are you to start Summer Reading??
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