Intro to Savio training registration
This is the registration form for the Savio training session to be held Monday February 11 at 3:40pm in the Academic Innovation Studio (AIS), 117 Dwinelle Hall. (Enter through the doors near Sather Gate (not the doors on Campanile Way) and turn left; AIS will be directly ahead of you.)

This form requests a bit of information that will help us keep track of our training efforts and tailor the content of the training to the participants.

Note that we recommend that you get a Savio account and set up your ability to login in advance of the training. This is not required but we expect you will get more out of the training if you can follow along.

To get a user account (if you have access to a Faculty Computing Allowance (FCA) or Savio Condo):

If you don't yet have access to an FCA but there is a faculty member (e.g., your advisor) who would allow you to use their FCA if it were created, please see here to get an FCA started:

Logging in:

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5: Very interested
System description: hardware and disk space
Logging in and authentication
Data transfer and job input/output
Accessing software
Submitting and monitoring jobs
Using standard software (see next lines for specific tools)
What other topics would you like to see covered.
(If you have an interest in specific software not listed in the previous question, please mention it here.)
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