DeKalb ISD registration for virtual instruction
This form is for any DeKalb ISD student in grades Kindergarten-12th grade to register and commit to virtual instruction.
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Student's Name *
Parent or legal guardian's name: *
Grade the student will be in for the 2020-2021 school year: *
Student's physical address: *
Parent/guardian's phone number: *
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Name of the adult that will be responsible for overseeing the student's at-home virtual learning: *
Does your child have a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer to use for virtual instruction? The family will be responsible for providing the child with a device. *
Do you have reliable high-speed internet (enough to be able to stream instructional videos) at home or the location that you will be completing your virtual instruction? *
I am aware that elective courses could be limited and students opting for virtual instruction will not participate in extra-curricular activities. *
I am aware that grading policies will be in alignment with the policies for face-to-face instruction. *
I am aware that my child will be required to come up to the school or another designated location to take tests whenever necessary, in a secure testing environment. This will not be in a regular classroom setting. It will be a testing center type arrangement with minimal interaction with a testing proctor. *
I am aware that I will only have a two week grace period window from August 24th-Sept 4. September the 4th is the last day to let the counselor know if I want to switch back to face-to-face learning on campus. *
I am aware that after September 4th virtual student enrollment and withdraws will only take place at the end of each nine-week period during the school year. *
I am aware that for course credit my child must be marked present by the teacher of each class/course at least 90% of the time. In order to be counted present for the day in each class, the student must make progress in their course work, complete assignments, and/or interact with their teacher(s). Truancy laws are still applicable in the virtual setting. *
High school students will need to come up to the school to visit with Mrs. Dooley, the counselor, to work out their schedule from 9-noon, July 27th-July 30th. *
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