Hekate's Modern Witchcraft - The First Key Application (2019)
To learn more about the program: https://keepingherkeys.com/the-first-key

Please follow the above link and then complete this application. Email me at cyndi@keepingherkeys.com with your questions.

Enrollment is limited.

Duration: A year and one day

The First Key is the introductory course to the three-degree system of Hekate's Modern Witchcraft. Acceptance into the program automatically grants Honored Membership into the Keepers of Her Keys tradition.

Upon completion of this year long program of study, the Honored Member will receive the title of Guide in the Keepers of Her Keys tradition.

This first key focuses on introducing the practitioner to the practices and techniques of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft and the principles of the Keepers of Her Keys approach.

To learn more about the program: https://keepingherkeys.com/the-first-key

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1. What is your prior experience with witchcraft, paganism, magic(k), or other occult/metaphysical systems? *
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3. What is your greatest strength in the study and practice of witchcraft? *
4. Discuss what your greatest challenge will be throughout this course. *
5. Describe the health challenges that you have that may influence your work in this course. NOTE: This question is asked to determine how to best support you and is not an exclusionary item nor does it imply that health conditions are an impairment. *
6. Are you prepared to make a one year commitment to this course and training? The content of this course may bring up personal issues from your past and will lead to a challenging rebirth process. These are natural parts of becoming a sovereign witch. If there are specific challenges you foresee, discussing them now can help you prepare for the work ahead. *
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