Grade 9 Students (2016 - 2017) Community School Health Survey
This is not a test. These questions are to find out what students know about anxiety, depression, and mental health. Do not put your name on this survey, it is anonymous, and will be kept confidential. Therefore we ask you to be completely honest and accurate when answering your survey questions. Answering your questions maturely and truthfully, will benefit the results and allow us to follow up on the data collected in a more meaningful way.
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Mental Health is defined as a state of well being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to their own community. I rate my own mental health as: *
Depression is defined as feelings of sadness or persistent low moods. For some people depression makes them irritable, or causes them to act out against others. Depression becomes a problem when the feelings don't go away, as well as if they intensify or begin to interfere with school work, family, friends and daily life. I rate my own level of depression as: *
rarely depressed
depressed all the time
Anxiety is a part of our internal warning system; it is the fear or worry and physical changes in our body that we feel when we feel something bad might be about to happen. Everyone feels anxious at times, but too much anxiety can interfere with school, work, home-life and relationships. I rate my own level of anxiety as: *
low levels of anxiety
high levels of anxiety
Self Harm / Injury means someone hurts themselves on purpose but doesn't intend to end their life. Common acts of self-injury include cutting skin and burning skin. Self-injury itself isn't a mental illness, but may be a sign that someone needs care and support. When people self-injure they are trying to deal with difficult or overwhelming thoughts or feelings. I have: *
A stigma is defined as a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something. A person who may be affiliated with this group may feel shame as a result of being associated with the group. In terms of "mental health" I believe: *
Mental Health is not a "real problem", people are just looking for attention
Mental Health is a "real" problem and we need to support, educate and take care of it.
In the last month, I have felt nervous: *
none of the time
all the time
In the last month, I have felt hopeless: *
none of the time
all the time
In the last month, I have felt depressed: *
none of the time
all the time
In the last month, I have felt unmotivated: *
none of the time
all the time
When my mental health is unstable, I: *
I use nicotine, alcohol and / or drugs: *
I know that Fentanyl is a prescription drug used for cancer patients in severe pain.
I know that Fentanyl is often added to other illegal drugs without people knowing.
I know that Fentanyl is 50 - 100 times more potent than heroine, oxycodone and morphine.
Do you have trouble falling asleep at night?
Do you have trouble staying asleep for a good night's rest?
I check my cell phone (social media) throughout the night:
Once I am in bed for the night I leave my cell phone:
Researchers estimate that as many as one in five Canadians will be affected by mental illnesses at some point in their life. You may not experience a mental illness yourself, but it's very likely that a family member, friend, or co-worker will experience challenges. *
Anxiety problems are the most common mental health problem. In fact, 1 in 4 teens will experience some type of problem with anxiety at some point. If you struggle with anxiety, you are not alone. I: *
I have not experienced anxiety that I can't control.
I struggle controlling my anxiety all the time.
I have been able to use some coping strategies that have been introduced to me at the school, either by a counsellor, full classroom presentations, or small group sessions to control my anxiety: *
not at all
all the time
If someone gave me indication they were not happy with their life and they were going to end it, I would: *
If I had an emotional issue I needed to discuss: *
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