Ohio Ayrshire Membership Information
We are collecting updated farm names, member names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. Please fill out this form so we can have updated information for mailing lists, as well as a directory on www.ohioayrshire.com.
Membership Information
Please list all active members of the farm. If multiple families are involved, please list by family. If needed, include phone numbers for individuals in 'member names', as well as a main contact phone number under 'home phone' or 'cell phone.'
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Active Breeder
If you are a past member or supporter of the Ayrshire breed in Ohio, but are no longer farming, we will list you in our directory as a friend of Ohio Ayrshire.
Are you currently breeding Ayrshire cattle?
By submitting this form, you agree to have your membership information as written above published in an online directory of Ohio Ayrshire Breeders, to be found at www.ohioayrshire.com.
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