Little Sprouts Preschool Summer Camp 2017
Registration form for Summer Camps 2017. Registration Fee is $15/Summer per student. You will need the following information to complete this form: Emergency Contact Information including address, and Child's AB Health Care Number.

** A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot of 50% of total camp fees. Remainder of camp fee is due 2 weeks before start of camp. If camp is paid in full, 50% is refundable if 2 weeks notice is given. **

PLEASE NOTE: We will only confirm afternoon camp registration once AM camps are 50% full.

AM CAMP: 9am - 12pm
PM CAMP: 1pm - 4pm
Full Day price includes lunch time supervision.

Summer Camp Pricing:
2 Day (1/2 Day): $55/Wk. 3 Day (1/2 Day): $65/Wk. Full Week (1/2 Day): $115/Wk.
2 Day (Full Day): $120/Wk. 3 Day (Full Day): $145/Wk.. Full Week (Full Day): $255/Wk.
In which camp(s) are you enrolling your child?
Options: 2 Day (Tuesday & Thursday) AM, PM, or FULL DAY. 3 Day (M/W/F) AM, PM or FULL DAY. 5 Day (Monday-Friday) AM, PM, or FULL DAY.
2 Day AM
2 Day PM
3 Day AM
3 Day PM
5 Day AM
5 Day PM
Little Canadians: July 3 (Short Week)
Little Scientists: July 16
Little Travellers: July 23
Little Inventors: July 30
Little Musicians: August 6
Little Artists: August 13
Little Campers: August 20
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