Welcome to the SSC 2019 Accelerator application! The SSC is excited to learn more about your company.

There are four short parts to the first-round application:

1. Contact information
2. People
3. Pain point
4. Progress

Feel free to browse through this application to view the questions you must complete. All questions are required.
Key dates
There are two deadlines for this application:

• Early decision deadline: April 20th at midnight
• Last chance deadline: April 30th at midnight

You will be notified of your application status shortly after each date, depending when you applied.

Should your company advance to the second round, you will pitch the SSC team and answer the SSC's questions about your company. Should your company advance to the third and final round, the SSC team will conduct diligence on your company.

The SSC 2019 accelerator program runs from the start of June through the end of August in Boston, USA.
Need help?
Should you have any questions contact Duncan Walker, Managing Director of SSC Venture Partners, at duncan@sscventurepartners.com.

Good luck!
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