2019 Breakthrough Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest volunteering with Breakthrough Cincinnati! Breakthrough Cincinnati provides an academic enrichment program for youth from underserved Cincinnati communities. Students are rising 6th-9th graders who attend our 6-week summer program to learn and have fun. Our volunteering opportunties primarily occur during the summer program. If you are interested in volunteering during the school year, please contact Julie Witten at julie@breakthroughcincinnati.org.
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Breakthrough Cincinnati's summer session runs from June 10-August 10. This includes the program's summer staff training weeks , the six weeks of the summer program with students, and one week of wrap-up. The daily schedule runs from 8:30-5, Monday-Friday. Volunteers may commit to a full or part day. We may be able to coordinate bus transportation for student alumni wishing to volunteer.

We are looking for volunteers to work as classroom aides or tutors and to assist with projects during our summer program and beyond. There is flexibility in scheduling and the kinds of duties available.

Please complete the following interest form and we will contact you to discuss the opportunity further.

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If you are a student, what is your cumulative GPA?
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Description of Volunteer Positions
Here is a description of a few things you may be able to do while you're volunteering. Take a look here and rank your preferences.
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Knowing what kinds of activities you can be involved in, how many hours per week would you like to volunteer? And what time of day are you most likely to volunteer? See below for what days work best for you.
1-3 hours per week
4-6 hours per week
8-10 hours per week
10+ hours per week
Anytime of day
Please indicate the dates you are able to volunteer with BTC this summer.
Training Week 1, June 11-14
Training Week 2, June 17-21
Student Program Week 1, June 24-28
Student Program Week 2, July 1-July 5
Student Program Week 3, July 8-12
Student Program Week 4, July 15-19
Student Program Week 5 July 22-26
Student Program Week 6, July 29-Aug 2
Celebration, Saturday August 4
Wrap-up, Aug 8-10
Site Preference.
Short Answer Responses
Please give us a glimpse of yourself and your dedication to excellence.
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Thank You for your interest in Breakthrough Cincinnati!
We will review your responses and contact you in early May. If you have further questions, please contact Elana Elmore at elana@breakthroughcincinnati.org or 513-979-0339
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