Feedback Form for MVP Users
By filling out this feedback form you have the opportunity to earn STIPS tokens. In the future, STIPS tokens can be used to pay for subscription or to gain profit by selling them on an exchange. In order to receive STIPS tokens, you need to answer all the questions of the form carefully and constructively, offer valuable recommendations, and therefore help us to develop STIPS Oculus. After we receive your feedback and find the information useful, our specialists will contact you for further clarification and instructions for obtaining tokens.

The reward for a valuable feedback that will be used to improve the platform is 500 STIPS.
The most detailed user reviews with comments will be paid in the amount of 1000 STIPS.
The sum of the reward can be reconsidered at any time in accordance with the team’s decision, depending on the market situation, the token price on an exchange and other factors.

We reserve the right to decide who will get the reward!
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