Partner Recipient Application
BRAWS partners with registered organizations and schools to distribute new undergarments and unopened menstrual supplies. BRAWS does not provide donations to individuals.  If you are a registered organization or school and would like bras, underwear, pads or tampons donated, please complete the below application.  After submission a volunteer will be in contact with you. (Depending on the time of year, please expect at least 1-2 weeks. The volunteer will arrange a phone call and/or site visit.)

**Please ONE organization/school per application. If you are applying on behalf of more then one, please complete and submit before completing the next application.

Thank you for reaching out to BRAWS!
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Please tell us about your organization or school? (Mission, demographics, ages, etc) *
How many girls and/or women do you serve on a monthly basis? (an estimate or range is acceptable) * *
Are you interested in bras, underwear, pads or tampons (or all)? About how many products would you need each month? The more details, the better! *
Do you have someone who can pick up a 1-3 month supply of menstrual supplies at our Vienna office on a monthly or quarterly basis? *
BRAWS will visit organizations on a quarterly basis to do a bra distribution day. This is a two hour event at a designated location where clients can shop for 1-2 new bras and underwear. Is this something you would be interested in? If so, do you have someone on staff who would be able to work with BRAWS and coordinate the event on site? Would you be able to advertise and recruit clients? Please provide a detailed explanation on how you will execute this event on your end so that we both can maximize our impact. *
BRAWS requires that partner organizations provide data, feedback and testimonials (which can remain anonymous). Is this something you will be able to do? *
Will you be the point of contact or designate another person? If so, who will that be and what is that person's contact info? *
Anything else you would like for us to know? *
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