Tonasket Snapshot Survey
Please take a few minutes to share your perspective so we all can gain insight on what our community thinks. Your voice matters and the results will be shared with our local government and on in the next few months.
This survey and the Comprehensive Park Survey can also be found on the above website.

Our City, Our Future!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

Do you live in the Tonasket city limits?
What is your zip code?
Do you, or someone in your home, work in city limits?
Are you a registered voter?
What is your age bracket?
How would you rate Tonasket as place to live? (5 being best)
What do you like most about Tonasket?
Your answer
How long have you lived in the area?
Are you familiar with the Perfect Passage Project? (Whitcomb Ave. Renovation)
Do you support this project?
Any additional feedback on this project?
Your answer
Do you feel Tonasket needs a bigger library?
If the library needs to be relocated, where should it move to?
How safe do you feel walking alone in Tonasket, after dark?
Very Unsafe
Very Safe
If you feel unsafe, what are the reasons? (please list your top 2 reasons)
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How would you rate the following statement? The Sheriff's Department is meeting the needs of our community in the absence of the Tonasket Police Department.
If anything, what do you feel is missing from our coverage from the Sheriff's Department?
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In general, how satisfied are you with your neighborhood's infrastructure such as streets, sidewalks, and landscaping?
Very Unsatisfied
Very Satisfied
What is your biggest concerns about Tonasket? Check all that apply:
If financial reality required it, would you rather:
What is your primary source for getting your local news/information?
Your answer
In general, how well informed would you say you are about Tonasket City Government?
Completly in the dark
Very Informed
Are there any topics that we did not cover that are important to you? Please try to only give one answer.
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Would you like to receive updates on the outcome of the survey? If so, please provide your name and email address:
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