Boka Dulse Cooking Classes
Do you want me to come teach cooking and food history classes at your synagogue? Please fill out some questions below so I can learn a little more about you, your shul, and what you all would like to learn about. Once I receive your submitted form and contact information, I'll follow up with you directly so we can plan a lesson!
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Please describe for me your congregation. Make sure to include information about the religious and cultural background of your synagogue, who's inviting me, and what is most interesting to you to learn. (Remember, there are no wrong answers, just want to get to know you so I can tailor the courses to your needs, so please include as much information as you can!) *
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Around when would you want me to come? (Of course, I'll be following up directly to settle on concrete dates later, I just want to be mindful of your timing.) *
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