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Select up to 2. Pricing and experience level is approximate. Your doula will set her rate. Tier 1: $500-$950 (3-10 births); Tier 2: $1000-1500 (10-24 births); Tier 3: $1300-1900 (20-45 births); Tier 4: $1650-2250 (40-90 births); Tier 5: $2000-2600 (80-180 births); Tier 6: $2400-$4000 (150+ births); Tier 7: $4000+ (350+ births)
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The doula prices within a tier can have a large range. Letting us know your top of line budget helps us to match you to a doula who fits the bill, and prevents time wasted on making connections where the economics do not fit.
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Free of charge! Let us know if you'd like a 15-20 minute phone consultation to better help us match you to the right doula!
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If a human referred us, let us know their name! We love to say thanks!
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