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On behalf of the Illinois Communication and Theatre Association, I would like to invite you to present a workshop, panel discussion, poster, or GIFTS session for the 90th ICTA Convention September 26 - 28, 2019. As ICTA enters its 90th convention, I hope you will join use for this momentous event. ICTA is the professional organization in Illinois for communication, theatre, debate, forensics, and media for secondary and higher education.

The theme for the 2019 Convention is “Advocacy through [_____________]." Advocacy goes back to the foundations of the disciplines of communication and theatre. This year's theme allows for every member to embrace advocacy in their own way; whether that is through speech and debate, classroom and service projects, performance, or any other avenue. Considering the cross roads of the communication discipline in Illinois at this time, advocacy also is what is required of members of this association to fight for communication instruction by highly qualified individuals at the K-12 level. Additionally, with the rise of uncertainty in our political sphere and the proliferation of fake news, understanding and teaching advocacy skills are vital to an informed and educated citizenry.

Please consider submitting a panel, workshop, or GIFTS session. These sessions can be geared towards either the secondary or higher education group or even a session that might appeal across both areas. We would really like to see panels that tie directly into teaching best practices and will include materials to be handed out for our members to take with them, materials they can use right way in their classrooms. Please do not hesitate to propose a session even if you do not have a panel full of presenters. The convention planning committee will put you in contact with others to join your session.

Advocacy is at the heart of ICTA. Please join us for the 90th ICTA convention. I look forward to seeing you there.

Brian Rohman
President-Elect ICTA

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