Verified institution application
Filling in this form is the first step in upgrading your institution to verified status.
What we need to verify your institution
Anyone can apply to have an institution verified, however, we will need to contact an individual who has a senior role in that institution to finalise the verification. Typically this person will be a department head or administrative equivalent, although clearly this will depend greatly on the particulars of the institution.

To confirm that this nominated person is actually in a senior position we will need to communicate with them via their institutional email or phone and ideally be able to find them listed on the institutional website. If for some reason this is not possible, please add details at the end of the form.

IMPORTANT: Before filling in this form, please make sure you have identified who this person should be, let them know of this application and ensure that they are happy to be nominated and that they are happy to accept to have your institution verified.

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