Scholastic Resource Committee Application

Texas A&M Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Office of Academic Development

Scholastic Resource Committee (SRC)

    SRC Objective:

    The objective of our committee is to facilitate TAMU SHPE's study hours, create and distribute the ScholarSHPE Newsletter and Resource Newsletter, facilitate a ScholarSHPE workshop, and maintain the TAMU SHPE electronic test bank.

    SRC Description of Tasks:

    Facilitate TAMU SHPE Study Hours by bringing snacks, helping members sign in/out, and using spreadsheets to calculate points earned. Scan and organize paper exams in a clear and consistent fashion. Research a variety of scholarships and resources that SHPE members can use to be academically successful. Work with the Academic Development Committee to host a ScholarSHPE workshop. Other tasks as assigned by the Director of Academic Development.

    SRC's Importance to TAMU SHPE:

    Study Hours is a key component of TAMU SHPE Academics, where members can dedicate time to their studies. Study Hours, in conjunction with a competent test bank, aides our members in achieving academic success. As colleges costs continue to soar, students find themselves dedicating more time to obtaining solutions to those expenses. Having proper funding for school decreases the stress of our membership, giving them more time to focus on academics. The Office of Academic Development depends on the help of a responsible committee to ensure that members of TAMU SHPE get the most out of their membership. Additionally, academic development is one of the SHPE Pillars, making this committee a core element of our beloved organization.
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