2019 TRC Member Survey
We want to gain your feedback so that the Tennessee Recycling Coalition can build on the services and resources that we can provide you as well as make improvements going forward. Thank you for your time and input!
1. What is your most preferred method to receive information from TRC? *
2. Do you find that your TRC membership is valuable? *
3. Please select the features of your TRC membership that are the most valuable to you. Check all that apply. *
For question above, please type in any other features that are valuable to you for your TRC membership.
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4. Please share with us any ideas about how TRC can better serve our members in 2019. What other resources, programs, or services would you like to see? *
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5. If you attended TRC's Annual Conference in August 2018 in Franklin, TN, please provide us any feedback that you might have from that event so we can improve. If nothing else, please tell us your favorite parts of the conference.
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6. If you attended a TRC workshop in 2018, please rate the effectiveness of the workshop.
Would not attend another TRC workshop going forward.
The workshop was very valuable and I would definitely consider attending another TRC in the future. workshop
7. We are planning for 2019 workshops and we want your input. What topics would you like to see covered for TRC workshops in 2019? *
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8. Please provide your name and email address for this survey. *
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