Season Feedback Form: Inuvik Ski Club 2017-2018
The Board of Directors is already beginning to plan for next year, and we'd like your input. Now is an opportunity to tell us what was liked, loved, lacking, and how the club can meet your needs and interests in the future!
2017/2018 Ski Season
Please answer the following questions about your experience with the ISC this past season:
When did you start skiing on the ISC trails this season? (approximately)
Which facilities of the ISC did you use?
How frequently did you use the ISC facilities selected above?
Did you rent equipment from the ISC?
Which ISC programs and/or events did you attend?
How frequently did you attend the programs and/or events selected above?
Did you volunteer with the ISC this season?
2018/2019 Ski Season and beyond!
Please answer the following questions about what you would like to see for next year's season:
Best date for the 2018 Inuvik Ski Club Annual General Meeting?
What changes to the ISC would you like to see?
Your answer
What areas of volunteering are you interested in?
Do you support making available honorariums for volunteers who groom trails, coach Jackrabbits, etc?
Do you support the creation of a staff position for the club? (i.e. Club Coordinator)
Do you support trail development, which may including building new trails, widening existing trails, leveling existing trails?
What trail developments would you like to see?
Your answer
Would you support the ISC offering additional sports programming (such as biathlon, snowshoeing, mountain biking, skijoring etc.)?
What other sports would you like the ISC to offer programming for?
Your answer
Anything else to say about the ISC?
Your answer
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