Yes! I would like to sign up a team for the London KS3 Girls' 'Maths Moves!' 2019
Thank you for registering for London's KS3 Girls' 'Maths Moves!' 2019 at the University of Greenwich - great to have you on board! Just a note that this event is taking bookings until Friday 15th November, by which time if we don't have enough schools, we may need to postpone the event until a later date. We will of course keep you posted.

Once we have your details, we will be able to send you more info & updates that you will need ahead of attending the event. At any stage if you need more info, please just drop us a line or call. A reminder that the event will be held on the 28th November and teams will need to arrive by 10am in order to be able to start the competition on time.

Thank you!
Rita & the GMM! team

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