Preschool Waitlist
Please fill out our registration form for a spot on the wait list.
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Authorization Information
Please provide the names of any persons who have the parent's authorization to remove the child from preschool (ie. child care, car pool, grandparent etc.)
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Medical Conditions
Are your child's immunizations up to date? *
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Social Information
Religious Affiliation (if any) **Please note that FGCC Preschool is a Christian based Preschool *
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To the best of my knowledge, all of the above information is correct. I will also inform my child's Preschool Teacher of any changes in the above information such as, telephone number, address, emergency number etc *
Permission to Release Contact Information
We require your permission to release your child's contact information, including the following:

Child's first and last name
Parent name(s)
Home telephone number

If you consent to the release of the above contact information to the other parents in your child's preschool class, please select "yes" *
Permission for Medical Care
Our procedure in cases of emergency, such as sudden illness or serious accident is:
1) to render first aid
2) to contact the parent/guardian or, being unable to reach them, we will contact the other emergency contact indicated below.
In some cases, failure to establish contact could delay treatment. Only after all reasonable efforts have been made to contact you, will we call your doctor, and only in the most extreme cases will your child be taken to the hospital.
Please list any drug allergies *
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Other Emergency Contact (Name, Phone number, relationship to child) *
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Doctor's Name & Phone Number *
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Saskatchewan Personal Health Number *
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Fee Schedule
Should a spot become available, you will be contacted to submit the following.

- A $50.00 non-refundable registration fee per child on a separate cheque is required
- One cheque dated September 1, 2019 paying two month's fees (September & May - $170)
- Seven cheques dated the first of the month from October 2019 - April 2020 for $85.00
- Please make cheques payable to Forest Grove Community Church or FGCC

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations will not be considered complete unless accompanied by all nine cheques.

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