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Experiments: Please list what experiments your kingdom is running, and any (official) experimental activities in the last three months. If there haven't been any activities, just list the experiments and enter "no activity". e.g. "Grappling - no activity" etc... Only enter "none" if you have no experiments *
Injuries: List any injuries in your kingdom in the last three months and any actions taken. Please be explicit about the cause. For example, a wrist injury due to falling over a hay bale vs a wrist injury because of an excessive percussive hit. *
Broken Equipment: Describe broken equipment. What broke, where did it break, and how did it break. Any injuries associated with this break? Please list manufacturer if known.
Have there been any disciplinary actions taken (other than any described above)?
FreeForAll: Anything else you'd like to bring up, or ask of the SRM?
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