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An article is a change that you would like to make, an idea that will be put forward for discussion and voting to the members and officers of the community.

Fill out the form below to the best of your ability. If you need help, contact @Coldcrow#0001 or @Aerixa#7624 in Discord.
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This should be a short name for your resolution, this is what it will be introduced as at the house meeting.
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A sponsor is the member that will be presenting the article during the house meeting.
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Keep this short and sweet, it tells everyone what the goal of your article is.
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If you need to elaborate and add more details to your article than the short description allows, do so here.
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If your article has supporting evidence, metrics, analytics, etc, Include that here. If you have screenshots or files to upload, please do so in Discord during the house meeting.
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