Registration Form For Bidoup Trekking (23-26/11/2018)
Welcome you to our 10th travel - Bidoup Trekking with an absolutely different concept from other trips we have been through together.

With the total path length of around 28 km, we are gonna go through the large forest with diverse ecosystem, observe the rare species of animals and plants, go through the Klong Klan Village, cross the Da Nhim River, enjoy the fresh air and coolness on the mountain with the nature surrounding and more importantly, we are gonna experience those ups and downs with many awesome friends who come from different countries apart from Vietnam.  

So, let's pack your backpack and jump on the bus with us! Oh wait... please register yourself first. We need your information to proceed booking tickets and doing some preparation for the best and safest experiences for you. Limited slots and promotion available.

>>>More information, please check here:

***Registration deadline: 21/11/2018***

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