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Part of getting unstuck is for you to embrace getting honest with yourself as fast and as frequently as possible. The questions below are designed to get down to the hard stuff as quickly as possible. So take your time and answer each question as honestly and with as much detail as possible.
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What fears are keeping you from your dreams? *
Do you get overwhelmed with too many ideas when it's time to start taking action and then feel like you don’t know where to start? *
Do you have strong enough habits built into your day to day to keep you consistent about showing up and working towards your dreams? *
 Do you second guess your qualifications or question why would people listen to you in the first place? *
In what ways do you think you’re ready to start working on your purpose? What areas do you think are your strongest? *
Extra credit!
Not really but I think these are good for us to know.
Do you have a spiritual practice? This isn’t a religion question, I’m more so questioning if there’s a time in your day spent connecting with forces outside of yourself? I.e God, the Universe et cetera. *
Do you have a movement practice? Workout, running, dancing, biking, et cetera? *
What time of the day are you at your best? *
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