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Are you a midwife?
Are you a doula?
Are you a medical or health professional who has experience working with women in birth?

Do you want to become a Calmbirth Educator?
Do you want to be a part of inspiring and educating future generations to experience birth as a natural part of life with knowledge, confidence and fearlessness, and with the support of their partners and caregivers?

If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you, because Calmbirth is looking for passionate and dynamic people to join our team of professional and dedicated Educators in Aotearoa.

The Calmbirth program is Te Tiriti honouring, evidence based, culturally safe and focused on positive change in birth culture. It is designed to help whānau move past any fears and anxieties about birth and parenting, and to provide them with effective, evidence–based tools and knowledge to move through the rest of their pregnancy together confidently and feeling emotionally safe.  Mātauranga Māori and other worldviews are incorporated throughout the Calmbirth program. This Calmbirth Educator Training Program aims to produce professional and dedicated Educators who are changing birth culture and improving birth outcomes one baby at a time.

As educators, our job is to be passionate, informativededicated, supportive, unbiased, and nurturing about promoting positive change in birth culture, and helping whānau create positive birth experiences regardless of how their birth unfolds.

Help whānau positively change the way they think about birth and cope with labour.

Help whānau let go of fear, stress and anxiety by instilling confidence and building trust in their bodies to create their own positive birth experiences.

Help them deepen connection with baby & each other.

Build TRUST and communication, and help provide a safe, private, calm environment.

Enrolments are NOW open and close on Friday 29th September 2023.
Module 1 Training (Online) Cost NZ$650 (includes Deposit $200 on application + $450 on approval) 
Module 2 Training (in person) Ōnuku MaraeAkaroa (Christchurch area) Pōwhiri 6pm 25Oct 2023 - 30OCT 2023 4pm  Cost NZ$2100 due by FRIDAY 29 SEP23 (plus Noho Marae 5 nights accom & meals $495).
Module 3 Training & Registration (via email) Commences 6th November 2023 - Cost NZ$1250 to accompany submission of lesson plans
  Early Bird cost of NZ$3,800 is available if full payment is received by 31st July 2023  
(Prices are in NZ$ include GST)

On completion of lesson plans and required reflection you will receive your Certificate for Calmbirth Educator training 104  hours of completed education which you can submit to NZ Midwifery Council

So, if you are passionate about birth and want to change lives and improve the present birth culture REGISTER NOW by filling in the application below. 

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 I am applying to enrol in the Calmbirth® Educator Training Program. I acknowledge and agree that if this application is accepted and I participate in a Calmbirth® Educator training program: 
• That the course and classes are confidential and accordingly I will at all times respect and preserve the confidentiality of all course participants, training methods and materials that are made available only to the course participants. 
• I will not take photographs nor make any audio and or visual recording of the course without the express permission of the facilitator. 
• The training providers may make any video and/or visual recording of the course and my participation for the Calmbirth® training and/or promotional purposes. • All course materials are provided by the Company to me and solely for the purpose of my undertaking the course including Module 3 (the clinical component). All course materials are copyright and I will not reproduce or use or show them to any person without the written permission of the Company. 
• That upon successful completion of the course I may apply to be registered as a Calmbirth® Educator, that such application will only be accepted on the terms and conditions from time to time applying, that only registered Calmbirth® Educators are authorised to provide Calmbirth® classes and that unless I am a registered Calmbirth® Educator I will not offer to the public Calmbirth® classes nor use the registered trademark Calmbirth® or Calmbirth® material in any way other than to refer to courses provided by the company, the provision of Calmbirth® classes by registered Calmbirth® Educators and/or the websites and 
• I understand that if I undertake the Calmbirth® Educator training program and continue on to registration I will be licensed to use the Calmbirth® trademark and class material in providing Calmbirth® classes on my own account but not in providing such classes for or on behalf of another (including both private and public institutions) unless authorised in writing by the company. 
• I understand that all materials given to me by Calmbirth® Pty Ltd for both Module 1 and 2 of the Calmbirth® Educator Training Program are on loan to me for the purpose of training and should I decide not to proceed on to registration I will return all materials to Calmbirth® Pty Ltd at my own expense.  
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 Participants in the Calmbirth® training must
Put Tiriti into practice, honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a solid foundation to support our development and growth of calmbirth in Aotearoa
 • Believe primarily in the natural process of childbirth
 • Challenge the existing culture that promotes birth as a fearful, stressful experience
 • Believe when necessary, intervention during labour and childbirth may be needed

The Calmbirth® philosophy is based on the belief that birth is a natural process to be experienced by whānau  in a calm and joyful manner. The Calmbirth® classes seek to allay their fear and anxiety in the pre natal period. The classes educate whānau  in the understanding of the birth process. Calmbirth® subscribes to the belief that they have within themselves resources which they can use to facilitate the birth of their baby without fear and in a state of calm no matter how the labour and birth presents itself. The aim of the Calmbirth® program is to empower whānau to take back the focus of control for their own birthing experience. In Calmbirth® the role of the partner or birthing companion is important. 

The Calmbirth® organisation has a strict code of practice and it is vitally important that, for the sake of whānau attending the Calmbirth® classes and the reputation of Calmbirth® that the program remains reputable. For this reason it is a requirement of all participants in the Calmbirth® training and registered Calmbirth® Educators that all agreements are signed and honoured. Please fill in the questions below as fully as possible so you can demonstrate that you have the attributes required to become a Calmbirth® educator.  

Does your own personal viewpoint as well as your goal’s correspond to the Calmbirth® objectives and philosophy as stated above?  
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In this course you will be given current knowledge of how whānau can use their subconscious resources and abilities to work with the birth process rather than resist it. Are you open to this learning?  
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Tell us about your professional background, please include your personal learning in that professional capacity as well, detailing how this will contribute to your role as a Calmbirth® Educator.   
The calmbirth educator training program is a mix of online learning, video, reading, in person classroom participation, experiential practice, and person reflection and assessment. Please identify what your specific learning needs are?
What personal attributes could you bring to your Calmbirth classes/ participants in your classes?  
Please tell us briefly about your life’s journey. For example challenges you have overcome, successes, life lessons.   
Recognition of prior learning – We recognize and respect RPL. What is your competency with regard to childbirth education and or group education or training facilitation? List your academic achievements e.g recognised qualifications of Training or Facilitation or Education.   
Tell us why you would like to become a Calmbirth® Educator.  
Once registered when and how often are you planning to run Calmbirth® classes?  
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Let us know where (location) you hope to run calmbirth classes?
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