Drake PTO Funding Request
One of the Drake Middle School PTO missions is to raise money to support Drake Middle School in a variety of ways. These funds are allotted in three primary areas - students/staff, school and PTO initiatives/miscellaneous. The breakout is as follows:

1) Students and staff - 40% of PTO allotted funds (ex. event support, teacher needs, student clubs, extracurricular activities, etcetera)
2) School - 40% of PTO allotted funds (ex. administrative items, budget support, facility support, etcetera)
3) PTO initiatives/miscellaneous - 20% of PTO allotted funds

Although we would like to fund all requests, we do not have the budget to do so. Our goal is to be fair and equitable in considering funding requests, so please fill out this form and submit. The Drake PTO Board meets the third Tuesday of each month and will review the requests received since the previous meeting. After review, we will contact you and let you know if your request is approved, if more information is needed or provide the reason we cannot fund your request at this time.

Thank you for all that you do!
The Drake PTO Board
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