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The mission of the CAHPERD Section on Adapted Physical Education is to lead, support, and assist Adapted Physical Educators to provide the highest quality physical education programs for individuals with and without disabilities in California. .

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Qualifications and terms of service
a. Voting SCAPE members shall serve for a one-year period. Members may be reappointed for succeeding years, not to exceed three (3) consecutive years.
1) New members of SCAPE represent a cross section of the geographical areas, populations served, and a variety of age levels throughout the lifespan throughout the state, shall be current CAHPERD members and will be appointed by the Executive Committee of the SCAPE through the application process. (Application deadline is noted on the application
2) New members of SCAPE are required to be current CAHPERD members, except for the Administrators, member-at-large representative, and the California Department of Education representative and shall be appointed by the Adapted Physical Education Executive Committee through the application process or assigned by the SCAPE Chair.
3) Verbal as well as written confirmation of appointment should occur as soon as possible after the annual State CAHPERD Conference by the Chair -Elect.
4) Not more than one-third of the membership of the SCAPE should be replaced in any one year.
5) Council members may be appointed to serve in an ad hoc capacity which could exceed three (3) consecutive years when deemed necessary.
6) Non-voting members attend at the request of the Executive Committee.
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Duties of Council Members
1. Serve as a member of SCAPE and be a current professional member of CAHPERD.
2. Support the purpose and functions of SCAPE, as defined in the Mission Statement and Strategic Plan.
3. Participate on ad hoc and/or standing committees when appointed or requested by the Chair.
Committees may include: Information Dissemination, Awards, Transition/Community College, Administrative Compliance, Standards, College & University.
4. Support and participate in the National Adapted Physical Education Conference.
5. Attend and participate in at least five (5) SCAPE meetings per year. And, if unable to attend, notify the Chair prior to the meetings and designate a proxy.
6. Represent and inform CAHPERD members and other interested persons in geographical locations or interest areas in the state of California.
7. Submit reports at each SCAPE meeting on progress of committee work completed and in progress.
8. Report to local CAHPERD unit/region or district meetings work completed and information regarding SCAPE projects and conference sessions.
I understand the duties of a member for the CAHPERD State Council on Adapted Physical Education and would like to be considered as a candidate. *
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