Compete Caribbean Market Research
The Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF) in collaboration with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is conducting a Market Research Study in major tourist markets for Caribbean Countries - the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada - to assess demand for innovative products and services and community-based tourism experiences that can be offered in the Caribbean. The research is focused on Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries which are CCPF and CTO mutual member countries, and aims to identify new growth opportunities for Caribbean entrepreneurs and foster community-based tourism development. Thank you for your input!
What innovative products, services or experiences would you like to experience or think we have the capacity to offer in the Caribbean for which we should assess the market demand (quantity and willingness-to-pay): *
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In which country(ies) would you like these innovative products, services or experiences to be offered? *
What would be the target price range per individual based on your willingness to pay for and/or provide the product, service or experience ($USD)? *
Do you know of any firms/communities that would be able to offer this product/service if they knew the demand was high enough to ensure profitability?
Please indicate firms/communities in the Caribbean.
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Who would be the age range of the target market?
What is your Country/City of residence?
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