2018 Manufacturing Innovation Student Award Nomination Form
PURPOSE: The Science + Innovation Awards (SIA) and Manufacturing USA want to honor the best and brightest minds by recognizing innovation and excellence in manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Innovation Student Awards will honor those rising leaders of all ages who have contributed to the advanced manufacturing community through inventing new products, processes, or techniques. Applications must provide details on a single project that the nominee(s) have completed. Winners will be selected based on their leadership and innovative ability to solve problems rather than the complexity of their projects or solution.


Manufacturing Innovation Award recipients will be honored during the Science + Innovation Awards in Burbank, California in November 2018.

SUBMISSION DETAILS: All Manufacturing Innovation Student Awards nominations must demonstrate the exceptional leadership of an individual or group in solving a problem using manufacturing innovation. Submissions must include a description of the project that the nominee(s) created to advance manufacturing technologies. These technologies may include those supported through Manufacturing USA or other manufacturing areas.

Nominations are open to students 13 years and older currently enrolled in grades 7-12, an accredited technical school, community or junior college, four-year college, or university at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

We want to see how you are using manufacturing to solve current and future problems!

PLEASE NOTE: Nominees will be evaluated based on their demonstrated ability to solve real-world problems using innovative manufacturing technology solutions. The technical elements of the project will only be evaluated to better understand the nominee(s)’ leadership and innovative ability, and the scope of their project’s impact. This means that all innovative students 13 years and older have a chance to win!

One winner will be selected from each of the following categories:
*Individual male
*Individual female

Any organization (academic, trade, industry, or government) or individual (fellow teachers, advisors, mentees, and/or students) may submit a nomination. Students are welcome to nominate themselves. Manufacturing USA has 14 different advanced manufacturing technology areas, which can be viewed at www.manufacturingusa.com/institutes.


The Manufacturing Innovation Student Awards will be selected on the following criteria:

- LEADERSHIP: The nominee(s) took initiative in their community to solve a problem using innovative manufacturing technologies or techniques. Applications must demonstrate the importance of addressing the problem and why a solution would benefit others.
- INNOVATION: The nominee(s) used unique solutions to solve a problem. Applications must demonstrate the ingenuity of their solution through explaining their process used to solve the problem and how they overcame obstacles.
- IMPACT: The nominee(s)’ innovation benefits the world. Applications must demonstrate the significance of their innovative solution on the nominee(s) community, state, or the U.S.

Applicable nominees must have achieved at least one of the following:
- PRODUCT: Invented and produced something to help someone (Example: I designed and built a new wheelchair to help my friend get around more easily.)
- PROCESS: Created something that will make something (Example: I designed and built a machine that will knit hats for the homeless.)
- TECHNIQUE: Researched and developed a new method of making something more efficiently and effectively (Example: Making prosthetics is expensive and takes a long time. I discovered a way to quickly 3D print prosthetics so folks have them in under an hour.)

Nominations should meet ALL of the following requirements:

- All nominee(s) must be 13 years or older AND enrolled in grades 7-12, an accredited technical school, community or junior college, four-year college, or university at either the undergraduate or graduate level.
- All nominee(s) must be residents of the United States.
- The projects completed by the nominee(s) must advance manufacturing through designing a new product, technique, or process.
- All projects must be COMPLETED by the time the application is submitted. If improvements are being made, this should be mentioned in the project description.
- The project must be solely owned by the participant and must not be the property of any outside organization. All participants must acknowledge that the project they submit for nomination has used no other organizations' intellectual property in its development.
- All information must be verifiable.


Please fill out the following fields to complete the nomination form. If any required fields are not completed, the nomination will not be considered. All fields are required unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions please contact Nominations@scienceandinnovationawards.com.

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