Heart of the Dharma Spring 2021 Survey
Hello and happy spring! Whether you are a Heart of the Dharma regular or an occasional visitor, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the following survey and share with us what is helpful, what is not, and what interests you. All our gratitude for your response.

As you know, Heart of the Dharma’s mission is to provide an avenue to meet with the liberating teachings of the Buddhist tradition.

The purpose of this survey is twofold:
1. To ensure what is currently being offered is beneficial.
2. To explore and collect interest in potential future offerings, in order to best support you on your spiritual path.

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes and is anonymous. You may voluntarily provide your name, if you choose.

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to offer your input.
When did you begin attending Heart of the Dharma offerings? *
How do you find out about Heart of the Dharma's offerings and resources? (Select all that apply to you) *
Do you currently participate in Heart of the Dharma offerings or attend retreats?
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If you no longer attend Heart of the Dharma, why did you stop?
Are you new to Dharma teachings? (Less than two years) *
Which Heart of the Dharma offerings and resources do you use, either currently or in the past while in-person? (Check all that apply) *
Would it be valuable to you to continue the live streaming, in conjunction with in-person meetings, when we can gather together again on Tuesdays and Sundays? *
If Heart of the Dharma were to consider expanding offerings, which interest you? (Check all that apply) *
If you marked an interest in Simply Meditation above, when would work best for you?
What retreat formats would you be willing to attend? (Check all that apply) *
Do you have an interest in participating in a second 2-3 year Dharma Heart Program focusing on study, contemplation, and meditation along the Buddhist path?
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You can find more information on the Dharma Heart Program on the website. https://heartofdharma.org/dharma-heart
If any of the following open-ended questions are not pertinent to you, please skip one or all of them.
Are there any other activities you would like to see Heart of the Dharma expand to include?
What do you really like about belonging to Heart of the Dharma?
What do you think could be improved?
If you currently attend Heart of the Dharma practices, which offerings are most valuable to you?
If you currently attend Heart of the Dharma offerings, why do you continue to participate?
Is there anything else you would like to add or share?
This survey is anonymous, if you choose you are welcome to share your name and email address.
Thank you for offering your input and feedback!
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