2018 Keewaydin Women's Trip Reservation
All are welcome, adventurous spirit required.

This summer we are offering 3 trips for women:

1. Temagami Flatwater Trip (August 1 to August 9): Travel the lakes of the Temagami region, learn to cook over an open fire, take in the beauty of the tall pines and clean water and connect with a group of women willing to take a risk too. Learn about the Keewaydin Way and feel the support and guidance of our veteran Keewaydin staff as you learn new skills. This trip is open to all abilities but will be strenuous at times. Participants should be able to lift 30 pounds, be prepared for physical work and be comfortable spending long periods of time on the water. The group will paddle and portage according to the group’s abilities. Cost is $1200.

2. "The Trip In" (August 12 - August 17): will coincide with the 125th Anniversary celebration. Arrive on the shore of Lake Temagami (Manitou Landing preferred) on August 12 by 5:00 p.m. and we will pick you up and bring you to Devil's Island. This trip will re-trace the final days of the historic "Trip In" from Lake Temiskaming to Temagami. Paddle-In will be the first morning of 125th Anniversary Celebration (separate registration for that event). This trip is open to all abilities but will be strenuous at times. Participants should be able to lift 30 pounds, prepared for physical work and comfortable spending long periods of time on the water. The group will paddle and portage according to the group’s abilities. Cost is $800.

3. Dead Lakes- Temagami Region (August 8 - August 16): This trip is designed for experienced women trippers from Keewaydin who are looking to reconnect with their roots. This trip will be led by Bright Dickson and Katie Tanz and will be open to 8-10 alumni women. August 17 Paddle-In for 125 Anniversary. If you’ve missed your time with the women of Songadeewin, join us for paddling, portaging, cooking over the open fire, and laughs like only a Keewaydin canoe trip with the girls can give you! We will make our way into the Dead Lakes region of Temagami, passing through historic lakes such as Wolf and Chiniguchi. We’ll camp on the Sturgeon River at Upper Goose Falls and wind our way back to Devil’s Island. Join us. - Bright and Katie
Cost $1200.

These trips are separate from the 125th Anniversary Celebration, which requires a separate reservation, Sign-up Today!

We provide 3 meals a day, snacks, pots, pans, tents, canoes, paddles, life jackets, etc. plus experienced trip leaders.

You bring your personal gear: clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ground tarp, sun hat, toiletries etc. A suggested gear list will be provided and travel details as we near closer to the summer of 2017.

*Note these trips are strenuous and participants should be able to walk rocky trails with a pack, swim, and lift 30 pounds.

We are excited to provide this opportunity and welcome you to a great adventure!

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Our staff are very flexible at providing healthy meals, and can accommodate diverse food needs, however, knowing exactly what they are gives us time to be well prepared. If you have special requests, or questions about traditional Keewaydin fare, please email or call (bruce@keewaydin.org, (802) 352-4709).
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Adult Trip Registration for Keewaydin requires a $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place. *
If you have any questions or concerns or special billing instructions please submit them.
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Registration for Keewaydin requires a $500.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your place. Any applicable discounts will be applied to your first bill. Please call Keewaydin with your credit card information, OR mail a check for your deposit.
Keewaydin Temagami Agreement
Temagami Agreement

This application is made and accepted in accordance with the provisions of the Keewaydin Temagami brochure. A non-refundable $500 deposit is due at the time of this application. Payment in full must be received by March 1, 2018. No refunds will be given after this date.

In order that Keewaydin may provide each tripper maximum opportunity for his/her personal development, I understand that in signing this application I certify that I have read the Keewaydin Temagami brochure and understand that Keewaydin is a camp that leads challenging canoe trips. I confirm that I am physically and emotionally prepared to fully participate in the programs that Keewaydin Temagami offers. I certify that I am healthy and free of problems that could be deleterious to my happiness or that of other trippers. I agree that in the event this application is accepted and a place is reserved for me in a program, which I will remain in the program until the end of the period for which reservation has been made unless dismissed by the camp authorities for misconduct or for cause considered sufficient by the camp. In case of voluntary withdrawal or dismissal for cause herein provided, I understand that there will be no refund of program charges paid for the time reserved. No refund is made for trippers arriving late or leaving early. The right is reserved to dismiss a tripper at any time if deemed in the best interest of the camp.

I authorize the medical designates of the camp to administer health checks, routine care and any urgent or emergency treatment considered necessary. I understand that I am responsible for any bills related to hospital or doctor visits above or beyond basic first aid treatment.

It is my desire that I be enrolled, as indicated on the front of the application, subject to the above conditions. I enclose the deposit and agree to pay my full tuition within the terms stated in the enrollment information. In signing this application I certify that I am covered by health and accident insurance or Medicaid and I understand that I am obligated to provide the camp with the name of the carrier and policy number. By signing this registration I accept full responsibility for all incurred program fees and expenses.

Permission is granted to use, for publicity purposes only, any photographic or video images in which this tripper appears.

By signing my name and date below I agree with the above Keewaydin Temagami Agreement.

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Bruce Ingersoll or Emily Schoelzel will be in touch! Thank you for registering with Keewaydin for an unforgettable adventure.
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