Qs: March Film, Director/Movements, & Short Film Festival
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Finish this sentence: Regarding your current filming assignment, I wish I/we... *
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Finish this sentence: Regarding the current filming assignment, I like that I/we... *
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Regarding the current filming assignment, aside from you -- who is the hardest working member of your group? *
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Please choose THREE of the following directors/film movements you would like to learn more about. *
Choose three total, not three of each. If you do not know the directors or anything about the film movements, please LOOK THEM UP to see what they have done/what they are.
Would you like our class to put on a short film festival this year? The date would be Thursday evening, May 24 (after IB exams, after Prom...) *
This would be the 4rd year; I am willing to do it as well, but you all need to be motivated to make it happen. I would ask you each to put in one of your films (from class or made on your own), then decide which to show, ask others for submissions, etc.
If you think a short film festival is a good idea, we would need a couple people to volunteer to be the Producers (meaning be in charge of making it happen). Would you be willing?
You are not committing yourself by answering "Yes" here, but to get an idea of motivation, please indicate that you'd probably be willing. If we do it, we'll need people to volunteer for particular jobs - advertising, concessions, etc... that will come later.
Do you have a suggested name for the event?
We have had two different ones (FESH: Film Event at Skyline; SFxS: Short Films by Skyline)... neither seem perfect, so if you have a suggestion, please share.
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Finish this sentence: IB Film is...
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Comments, questions, anything?
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