Waffle Love ATX Employee Application
Waffle Love in Round Rock, TX - Employee Application
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Please list your previous work experience here. List any jobs with food experience first with approximate dates of employment. *
List 2-3 work related references (supervisors) with contact info.
Tell us about the best customer service/hospitality that you have experienced, and why it made an impression on you.
Rate these from most to least important: Fast service, cleanliness, customer service, food quality, fun work environment. *
What is your experience with Waffle Love as a customer (if any)?
What draws you to Waffle Love as an employee? Why do you want to work for Waffle Love? *
What moving violations do you have in the last 3 years (DUI, speeding, failure to stop, accident, etc)?
You are a Waffle Love cashier. Your customer, Susan, buys 3 items for $6.95, $3.49 and $2.79. What is the total of her purchase and what is her correct change if she hands you a $20? *
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