Arrival Information 2019/20 Spring Semester
Szent István University International Office provides free transport between Budapest and Gödöllő Campus upon arrival to small groups of students (at least 2 people). Individual travellers have to pay the transfer fee individually, HUF 10,640 (+ waiting time) cash or bankcard to the driver. (For individual Bilateral exchange students: American, Bhutan, Kazakh, Korean, Indian, Russian, Japanese Erasmus+exchange students, Stipendium Hungaricum and FAO students it is free)

Contact him to confirm your pick-up.
Our taxi driver's name: Károly Hódi
Tel: +36 20 3831 832. (apps.: whatsapp, viber,facebook messenger )

He will wait for you holding a sign: "SZENT ISTVÁN UNIVERSITY GÖDÖLLŐ".

Please fill out this questionnaire to help us arrange your pick-up, so that we can team you up with someone else arriving around the same time as you do, or student mentors might be able to meet you upon arrival.
If you are arriving on your own and you don't need a transfer it is still IMPORTANT to fill out this questionnaire so that we will know about your arrival.

After landing and collecting your package, go to EXIT, follow the Black&Orange line straight ahead.
If you miss your transfer, send an sms or email ASAP right away to the driver with the new flight details.

Thank you.
Have a safe trip!

Szent István University
International Relations
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Please list the names of the people you are travelling together with. If you are coming alone, just say "no one" in the answer box./If the other student/s/ goes to other campus say" no one"
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where you want the taxi driver to drop you. If you don't want a taxi, just right "not relevant" in the answer box.
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