2019-2020 YEARBOOK Student Survey
Answers are anonymous.
Coke or Pepsi? *
Do you donate blood? *
Do you volunteer, do community service or donate to charity? *
Which subscription do you prefer: *
TikTok or Vine? *
Netflix or YouTube? *
Do you own Crocs? *
Are you involved in a club? *
Are you involved in a sport? *
Are you enrolled in an AP Course? *
Do you vape/JUUL? *
Do you ride the bus to school? *
Are you involved in any fine arts classes? (choir, band, theatre, etc.) *
Would you rather speed through your homework or spread it out and take breaks? *
Republican or Democrat? *
Sonic or McDonalds? *
What is your go to coffee place?
Do you drink coffee or energy drinks daily?
What was your favorite homecoming spirit day? *
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