Big Brains: Episode Pitch Form
Have a great idea for a Big Brains podcast episode? Share it with us.
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What?     Please provide three to four sentences on what the big idea for the episode would be, why it is compelling and how the breadth of their research will give us enough content to fulfill a full episode
Who?      Please provide a bio of the proposed podcast guest with any relevant information including links to their social media profiles.
Why?       Please submit two or three sentences on your proposed guest and subject matter that show that it would make a good Big Brains episode... (Are they a strong communicator? Do they have a large online following? Is their research associated with esteemed organizations, is it tied to a book release or topically relevant to current events?)
When?       Is there a specific time-frame or date we would want to release the episode within?
Links  & References      Please provide URL links to the proposed guest's research including coverage in news/magazine/web publications or any other media "placements." (Links can pertain to your proposed episode idea, or be other appearances of the guest in media coverage).
Contact:    Please provide an email address at which we can reach you.
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