POMS Interest Survey
It's a new year, and a new and improved POMS is to follow! The goal of this survey is to test the climate of its members, so we can see where to improve, or where to keep doing what we've been doing.
What year are you? *
Are you a Pitt student? *
If not (welcome!), please let us know what school you do go to.
How did you find out about POMS? *
How long have you been involved with POMS? *
How often do you attend general body meetings? *
If you attended meetings at a lower frequency, can you say a little more about why?
i.e. the [insert what we were doing that week] meeting didn't really appeal to me, and then the next week too, etc.
Your answer
What attracted you to POMS specifically, compared to other on campus pre-med/pre-health organizations?
You can also answer this in terms of what kept you coming back to POMS.
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Overall, what kinds of meetings would you like to see happen (or happen more often)?
i.e. Doctalks, Labs, Discussions, Socials, Panels, Interactive Lectures, etc.
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What method of communication would be most effective for you to receive news about POMS? *
This can be about general body meetings, special events, volunteer opportunities, etc. You may pick more than one!
Have you visited our website? *
In case you haven't, take a look at www.poms.us
If the timing was an issue for you personally, and we were to move up the meeting time on Fridays for Fall 2016, would that make attending meetings easier and/or more likely? *
If so, what time would you prefer? You may pick more than one!
What resources would you especially want us to ramp up, so they can be readily available to you this year? *
You may pick more than one, and/or offer suggestions of programs that would help you on your pre-health journey!
Whether or not you selected Volunteer Opportunities in the previous question, did you hear about the ones that did occur?
What is your favorite POMS meeting or special event? *
It could have been highly informational, fascinating, hands-on, fun, everything you wanted it to be, etc. You can talk about as many, or as little, meetings/events as you would like.
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Any other comments or suggestions?
Did we miss anything in this survey that you feel we could address to better serve you?
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