Greetings and welcome !
This form is created for a new team(Under no organization). I as mid laner and team captain will take responsibility that will reach it's goals and achievements for the 2019 season. If you are interested in trying out in the team feel free to fill the form with details about yourself and your experience in Esports.

Note: All info will be treated respectfully and private, no sharing to anyone unless player agrees and gives permissions to. Make sure your form is filled with details and honesty without any jokes,trolls etc.

- Chosen applicants will be selected for tryouts and contacted by me specifically(Alepou#3087) as soon as possible.

Roles currently needed and recruiting:

- Top

- Jungle


- Support

Requirements before filling the form(take your time to read please):

~ Have at least peaked once d3+ in previous seasons
(doesn't really matter tho if you got experience overall)

~ Main role
(Yes main role,i don't want you to be non-experienced on the role you'll be playing in the team. Because the upcoming tournaments will be hard to win, you and the team will have low chance of success,it's disrespectful for your teammates and even if we let you do that you ain't have time to make progress and make it.)

~ Have a decent/good/great champion pool
(being otp is still ok as long as you have champions to pull out as your "trick" cards)

~ Attitude,mentality and mindset
(I don't really asking a lot from that sector,As long as you have the team spirit and mindset of domination everything's cool)

~ Organized schedule
(Let's be clear,if you have school,gym or even go out with your girlfriend it's fine as long as you keep your schedule organized and healthy for you and your teammates.)

~Speaking English
(It's fine speaking with someone from same country as you in your language,as long as you communicate with whole team in different stages of the game)

That's all for now, Once you've readed the requirements you are ready to move on and thanks for your patience !

Region *
Your Name
Your Age? *
Main Role? *
Your Elo *
Champion pool or top champions *
Your *
Esports experience so far(Past teams and/or organizations) *
What is your dream/goal/achievement (feel free to type down details and anything you want,remember form/application stays private) *
Discord name#tag *
Anything else you want to type down to have noted in the team? about yourself or about the team?
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