Otherworld 2018 Subsidy & Companion Ticket Application
Complete this form if you are unable to afford to pay full price ($140) for an Otherworld ticket or you are attending Otherworld as a medical companion. Subsidy tickets are $50 and can only be purchased using a credit card (prepaid credit cards are available at grocery stores, corner stores and some banks). Medical companion tickets are $0.

Applications will be processed as soon as possible after they are received and will be awarded based on need and contribution. If approved, you will receive a time-limited invitation by email to purchase a ticket. (Invitations are time-limited to ensure that tickets that are not wanted can be passed on.

Data will be stored on Google servers, reviewed by the event lead and ticketing lead, then deleted after the event. If you have any issues with this form, email tickets@kindlearts.ca

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Why are you completing this application? *
How do you hope to contribute to Otherworld?
If you are applying for a subsidy ticket, this could include volunteering for an infrastructure role, being part of a theme camp, working on an art project, and/or providing some other public service or art. (Note that Otherworld is a participation-required event - all attendees are expected to contribute regardless of ticket price.)

If you are applying as a medical companion, please specify who you are assisting.

Your answer
Why are you unable to afford a full price ticket?
If you are applying for a subsidy ticket, please briefly explain your financial situation.

If you are applying as a medical companion, please briefly describe the type of assistance you will be giving - a diagnosis or other medical information is not necessary.

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When will you be ready to buy a ticket?
If you are applying for a subsidy ticket, what is the earliest date that you will be capable of buying a $50 subsidy ticket using a credit card? Your invitation will be valid as soon as it is sent and set to expire a few days after this date. Extensions are possible if requested before the offer expires, but we want to make sure that all subsidy tickets get used.
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