Aviation High School Regents Registration Form for August

Please use this form to register for a Regents Exam in August. There are special conditions for registering for each exam. YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED FOR AN EXAM IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE CONDITIONS. You are allowed to retake an exam that you previously passed if you wish to get a higher score. If you would like to register for multiple exams, you must complete this form separately for each exam. If you have any other questions, please email us at pbrowne3@schools.nyc.gov or call us at 718-361-2032 ext. 1321.

Specific Test Instructions:

ELA, US History and Global Studies - The only condition is that you have already taken the course.

Earth Science, Living Environment and Chemistry - You must have taken the exam previously or have been absent from the exam. You cannot have been disqualified from the exam because of missing too many labs. Physics is not offered in August. Please see Ms. Nearon in September.

Algebra, Geometry, Alg 2/Trig - You can only take these exams if you PASSED your math course in June yet failed the corresponding Regents exam. If you failed the class then you should be registered for summer school. You will retake the exam in August.

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