Prague Euro Hash 2021
August 19th - 22nd 2021

Cum and join us in Prague for an extravaganza of fantastic trails and superb beers.

Prepare to bask in the glory that is Czech nature, and the joy that is Czech beer, and rest safe in the knowledge that Sloppy Stool has been planning this idiocy since 2017 and so is fairly certain he isn't forgetting anything too important!

Price for the weekend is 250 Euros per person if paid before December 31st 2019, or 280 Euros until April 30th 2020, and 310 Euros per person thereafter. This price includes;

* Accommodation in a private, 2 bed room for three nights (19th, 20th, and 21st of August)

* All the beer, wine and soft drinks anyone could ever hope to consume from 4pm Thursday until we run out of beer on Sunday

* Food - Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Lunch on Saturday, and Dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

* Transport to trails. And back again. Unless you get lost. Then directions to the nearest public transport will be offered for free.

* Fantastic Haberdashery. Which might be shit really, but we'll do our best

* Surprise gifts, both in the goodie bag, and perhaps out on trail

* Party venue at the same site as the accommodation, so no need to worry about how to get home when drunk!

* Fantastic live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, along with other entertainment that may or may not actually be entertaining

* Red Dress Run Fee - A minimum 20 Euros per person from your overall registration fee will be donated to charity - all Eurohash attendees are automatically registered for the Red Dress Run

Price does NOT include;

Bike Hash

Accommodation before or after Eurohash, although rooms will be available to anyone that wants them for a few days before and after for a nominal fee

Admission to any of Pragues strip clubs - although if you REALLY want to go to one it can probably be arranged

Other tours that may be organised in the days before the main event - such as brewery tours, party trams, or other things I didn't think of yet but probably will think of between now and then

So what are you waiting for - fill in your details below and get ready for an amazing weekend in Prague!
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