Fire Safe Kids 2 Pretest (Grades 4th-6th)
This test is meant to be taken BEFORE watching the Fire Safe Kids 2 presentation by the Burn Institute. Please read each question and answers thoroughly before choosing the best one. Parents, if needed, please read the questions and answers aloud to your child, but do not give them the answer, let them make the choice on their own. Thank you.
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What is part of the fire triangle? *
If your home is filled with smoke, you should: *
To prepare an Exit Plan for a fire you should: *
How many layers is the skin composed of? *
If your clothes catch on fire what should you do? *
What can happen to you if you start a fire? *
Where should you go when your home is on fire? *
How do you prevent burns while cooking? *
Thank you!
Thank you for your participation. The completed pre/post-tests allow us to measure the effectiveness of our fire and burn prevention education efforts and to share the success of the program with current and potential funders.
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