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We use this form to get details from folks interested in volunteering for null. As you are already aware that we are a registered non-profit being run by people passionate about security and learning together.

We are constantly looking for people like you to help us with running the chapters, starting and maintaining new chapters, starting and maintaining initiatives online. You should do this if you can spare some time, be able to do some work. To volunteer at the moment we require people can take initiative, be responsible, work on their own with minimal supervision and not expect anything material in return.

Note: At this time, we can't promise to give you any certification for volunteering or passes to nullcon or anything else. Currently we want folks to start newer chapters in cities not represented so far, help out with online initiatives all because they care for the community and want to give back to the community which has helped them.

We will give you a email address. You can definitely use that to tell people that you are proudly associated with the largest security community of India.

Please fill the complete form, all questions are mandatory. The data collected will only be used to contact you for volunteer work and nothing else.
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Name you would like to be called, your online handle *
Sometimes this is different from the first name
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We prefer to text you or be able to reach you. No landlines please. If you don't have a mobile phone, at this time you can't be accepted as a volunteer
Why do you want to volunteer? *
Please be as descriptive as possible. A good answer here will help you in helping us by giving you relevant volunteer work.
Are you part of any other community? *
Are you already a member of another community? This will help us know who we can get in touch with to talk about community partnerships etc.
Which null chapter do you belong to? *
We need people to help out with chapter initiatives. Therefore currently we prefer people from cities where null already has a chapter.
What do you do in life? *
This answer helps us understand what keeps you busy on a day to day basis. If you are a student, then we understand that you might get busy with exams etc. when you are employed then you might have project deadlines. When we have a better understanding about you, we can delegate work more effectively.
Are you aware of null activities? *
If and only if you answered the previous question with a yes, please tick all the activies you are aware of *
This answer will help us understand what activity you would like to help us with to start with
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